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Solar power offers the peace of mind that no other

Our company was established in the year 2002 and has grown in stature and expertise since then. As a EPC Solution of a gamut of products, we offer Solar Water Heater, Solar Inverter, Solar Panel, Solar Lantern, Solar Blinker, Solar Road Stud, Solar Portable System, Solar Street Light and Solar Garden Lights. These products work on the solar photo voltaic technology. They have battery backups, which helps them, function even during the night.


Power shortage has become a common affair these days. With the world population on a rise, the non-renewable resources of energy are getting depleted with each passing day. It is high time that other alternate sources of energy should be tapped. One such renewable source that is available in plenty on the earth is Solar Energy.

Quality Policy

“The policy of Satvikk Oorja is to provide environment- friendly Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems and related services in order to satisfy and improve standard of living of customers by fulfilling legal and customer requirements, setting and reviewing objectives and continually improving our systems.” We, at Satvikk Oorja, offer a range of products, which operates on this versatile energy source.

Our Team

At Satvikk Oorja High-class quality leadership is a top priority. All of our employees share the responsibility to sustain and improve product quality and services for our customers - internal and external. We are committed to achieving High-class quality through operational excellence, continual improvement and satisfying customer needs in everything we do.

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Why energy panels?

Solar energy – a clean source. No greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere when you use solar panels to create electricity. And because the sun provides more energy than we’ll ever need, electricity from solar power is a very important energy source in the move to clean energy production.


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The photovoltaic cells in solar panels capture the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity. This protects batteries from being overloaded by regulating the flow of electricity. Batteries store electricity for use at night and when it’s cloudy. In places without grid power, they are the only backup for electricity.

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Solar energy can be used in agriculture in a number of ways, saving money, increasing self-reliance, and reducing pollution. Solar energy can cut a farm’s electricity and heating bills. Solar heat collectors can be used to dry crops and warm homes, livestock buildings, and greenhouses.

It’s a renewable resource

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy as it can be used to produce electricity as long as the sun exists. Sunshine occurs naturally.

It’s eco-friendly

If you are scavenging the internet in search of ways to minimize your carbon footprints, solar energy is the surefire answer.

Cuts back on electricity bill

One of the most interesting things about solar energy is that it can help you minimize your annoying utility bills.

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Science matters

Solar Energy is a plentiful, reliable and renewable energy source and is also the cleanest type of energy known to man since it is pollution free and contributes to the reduction of a country’s carbon emissions. Commercial buildings (offices and other business organizations) depends on electricity for most of their energy consumption needs and the consumption of power in an office building during the day time is much higher which makes them ideally suited to install solar panels and dozens of state and central tax rebate and credit opportunities are available for rooftop-solar systems for the ones interested in using solar energy in commercial buildings. Making the switch to generating power on-site from internally free source of energy – the sun can bring down the operating costs of the company for coming decades.

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 We, at Satvikk Oorja, offer a range of products, which operates on this versatile energy source.

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