Bifacial solar panels

What are bifacial solar panels ?

Over conventional solar panels, Bifacial solar panels  offer many advantages. It is possible to generate power from both sides of a bifacial panel , raising the total production of electricity. They are also more resiliant and offer Modules made with N-type bifacial solar cells and it’s features are :

BiSoN nType Technology

Bi-facial solar modules not only generate energy on the front side by direct solar irradiation but also absorb diffuse and reflected light on the rear side. Combined with higher cell efficiencies this leads to an energy yield 30% higher than standard solar modules with equal dimensions.

Bifacial modules come in many designs. Some are framed while others are frameless. Some are dual-glass, and others use clear backsheets. Most use monocrystalline cells, but there are polycrystalline designs. The one thing that is constant is that power is produced from both sides.

One of our projects is Kalyani hospital, Pathankot where the satvikk oorja had installed a bifacial on-grid solar power plant of  30KW.

The major benefit of installing bifacial panel are :

  1. The efficiency of these panels is much greater as compared to monocrystalline panels.
  2. They are space-efficient and require the least amount of space as compared to monocrystalline panels.
  3. Better performance at similar project size.
  4. more production at a barely higher installation cost, so LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity) reduces.


The bifacial solar panel in working state

The bifacial solar panel in working state

You can clearly see here the light rays are passing through the panel which makes it more efficient.

The project site (KALYANI HOSPITAL)

For example:

If we apply a solar power plant  of 10kw with a regular solar panel, and on the other hand we apply the same 10kw solar power plant with bifacial solar panels the results will be totally different as:

the output given by a normal power plant will be around 100 kW of energy production in a whole day.

whereas the total output of bifacial panels will be around 115-130kw of energy production per day, as they are 15-30% more efficient than normal solar panels.

note:- these above figures are just for example these are not the exact figure, for more queries do contact us-

And the energy produced by any solar power plant is directly proportional to the weather conditions of that particular day.

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