Montessori Cambridge School

One of the Best schools in northern India. As Majority of schools require a tremendous amount of electrical energy and thus have a high load over it financially in form of huge electricity bills. In a school like MCS, this load of electricity further increases due to air-conditioned and smart classes so how to overcome this? and maximizes the profits for the school? if ever an individual wants to raise his profit margins one has to invest for best future returns or another way is to decrease the organizational expenses. what if in huge organizations the electricity expenses can be minimized, as minimized as close to zero.

Yes, it is possible and we satvikk oorja doesn’t say this just theoretically we actually mean it and done it.

In Montessori Cambridge School we got a project to assemble a high-quality solar power plant due to their huge electric load. Then further understanding their needs and calculating their total load and electric output we assembled a fully functional and high-quality solar power plant of 110KW In just 40days.


we used high-quality Inter Solar polycrystalline solar panels with an output of 4KWh on a sunny day.

The warranty of these panels is 25 years, Now one can calculate the amount that can be saved over huge electric bills by building a small electric powerhouse over that empty rooftop, in a minimum of 25 years. The 25-year figure is minimum but the maximum figure can even go beyond 30 years as solar panels are very durable and it’s very rare that a panel gets dysfunctional.

so even if you have an organization then you are in a need of investing in solar power to maximize your profits.

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