solar water irrigation system with moveable stands.

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we also use moveable stands for our applied water irrigation systems as the reason is when a farmer needs to water his fields, during the initial hours of the day sun is shining directly over the sky so the panels work optimally. As the day starts coming towards the end, direction of sun rays changes resulting in less power output by the panels and decreased water flow in the motor. 

Here comes the importance of moveable stands with the help of these moveable stands we can change the direction of panels towards the sun so that the panels get optimum sunlight for energy production. Resulting in no energy lags and optimum water supply to the fields.

To change the direction of panels is not a big task you just need to move them over their moveable stands towards the sun and one no need to worry about the durability of moveable stands we the satvikk oorja mount these stands firmly into the ground so that they can withstand any weather condition.


Here are some of the videos of our applied water irrigation systems with moveable stands.

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