Solar water irrigation system

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Solar energy is the most abundant source of energy in the world, which is now possible to have access of. Solar power is not
only an answer to today’s energy crisis but also an environmentally friendly form of
energy. Photovoltaic generation is an efficient approach for using solar energy.
Solar panels (an array of photovoltaic cells) are nowadays extensively used for running
street lights, powering water heaters, and meeting domestic loads. The cost of solar
panels has been constantly decreasing which encourages its usage in various sectors.
One of the applications of this technology is used in irrigation systems for farming.
Solar-powered irrigation systems can be a suitable alternative for farmers in the present
state of energy crisis in India. This a greenway for energy production which provides
free energy once an initial investment is to be made. In India where still now there is a shortage of electricity supply to domestic and rural areas, how can a farmer survive because a farmer needs electricity for its irrigation purpose as the majority of water pumps require energy whether its from generators which use fossil fuels or the proper electricity supply and here come the game-changer solar water irrigation system.

solar water irrigation system consists of :

  1. solar panels 
  2. inverter 
  3. water pump
  4. batteries 



in this, we require only optimum sunlight so that energy can be produced optimally for irrigation purposes. A Farmer here no need to worry about when the electricity supply will be available then he can turn on his water pumps and still doesn’t have the guarantee for how much time he will be able to irrigate his fields as there is no proper power supply schedule.

If proper irrigating is not done by the farmer this will cost him heavily as his crops will not grow optimally, so to counter this problem one can opt for a solar water irrigation system where he just needs to turn on the pumps without any tension of insufficient energy supply and the rest irrigation can be carried out by the system itself.



The other main feature is a farmer has to make a just one-time investment as there is a minimum 25 years warranty of solar panels. 

just once the system is installed the farmer can work more efficiently in his fields without worrying about the irrigation process.


This is a very simple apparatus and easy to use for anyone, this makes it much easier for farmers that they don’t need to go through any specific learning process to use this apparatus.



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5 H.P Monoblock Solar Pump

Village Nawa Pind, P.O Faridabad, District - Pathankot.

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