The solar power plant in Himachal Pradesh

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In Himachal, the consistent electric power supply can be a major issue faced by a majority of individuals specifically the people who stay on the outskirts or far away from cities. The solution to them can be setting up a solar power plant in their own premises as one of our clients respected Mr.Jagat Mohan was facing the same problem discussed above for his Farmhouse

The location of his farmhouse was Sukret Dhar which is far away from the cities so we suggested him to set up a solar power plant which can practically put an end to his problem.

we the Sarvikk oorja set up an 11kw solar power plant in his farmhouse as per his requirement.

It took just 10 days for this whole setup below :

we used high-quality solar panels from VIKRAM SOVA the Polycrystalline Solar Panel which has a warranty of 25 years and minimum complaints till date. If in the future by chance one faces a problem in the panel, even for a minimum complication the company will replace the defective panel so one can invest without hessitation.

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